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Tech Tah Website Launched

Updated: May 9, 2020

Tech Tahs finally have its website live, something grand enough that showcases the past and shines a light on our bright future.

Our website is located at:

“Yes it's has taken way to long and caused much angst - but it's here now. Lets all contriubte to make it great.”

The Tech Waratah site is live, yes it’s taken way to long and caused much angst. As they say - All good things are worth the wait. The initial site has been put together in collaboration with players past and present, life members and clubmen alike.

We aim to put up enough player and competition information to help allow a smooth re-commencement of 2020 and beyond. This will include draws and results for all grades and ages. Over the year we plan to publish various news articles, club editorials and funny think pieces to showcase the club and its rich history. There are many club characters and personalities that need to be let loose at times! Check out the archives for current and past photos & videos. There is also plenty of information and history on tap about the club, be sure to look these up. We continue to develop and improve the sites content, for this we ask for your help. If you have photos, videos or any other club information we would like to help you get it live on the site. This includes the pre-amalgamation of Tech & Waratah Rugby Clubs, along with the amalgamated Tech Waratah Club (est. 1994). Future site development and improvements include: 1. Acquisition of missing year books 2. Detailed History of Tech Waratahs 3. More coverage of the Junior Club 4. Online store - for purchase of club merchandise and playing gear In the meantime, please enjoy it and help us make it great.

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