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Tech Tah Video Archives are Online

As we reflect on the past we need to capture our future, one frame at a time.

It was 2005 and one of the greatest years for the club on record.

Three grades strong:

1st Grade Minor Premiers & Premiers

2nd Grade Grand Finalists

3rd Grade Grand Finalists

Each grade pushed the next to be better, each player ready for war. The club had depth and a winning mind set.

Coaches and club committees willed the place to excel, it was a positive and bloody great environment to be in.

It was also the last year for Paul Darby as 1st grade coach. What better way to finish it up, they don’t give you a grand final win at the gate – you have to enter the arena and earn it.

Memories are best served digitally these days, even the oldies are on-board the digital freight train.

The 2005 end of season compilation video was a cracker, same with 2003.

Wayne Ireland's garage must look like a losing game of Tetris, he has more memorabilia and documented history of Tech Tahs than the Australian War Memorial has of the second world war.

To top it off many fine clubmen over the years such as Adam “HK” Edmonds, Adam “Bald Flash” Sharman and many others kept the video reels going, helping contribute to the digital history of the club.

We currently have on file in the archives:

- 2003 End of Season Compilation

- 2004 First Grade & Second Grand Finals

- 2005 End of Season Compilation

- 2006 Second and Third Grade Grand Finals

- 2009 First Grade Grand Final

- 2014 Third Grade Grand Final

Check them out here

If you have any more videos or photos you can offer up, please let us know.

Over time we aim to improve and have both live and captured video for matches played. Stay tuned.

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